Billund Aquaculture

Specialists in the design, innovation, and development of water circulations for fish farms

Billund Aquaculture specialises in RAS – Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, which reduce the water consumption in fish farm by 99.9%. As the world’s population grows, Billund Aquaculture plays a vital role in the development of fish farming, which breeds over half of the world’s fish for food consumption. Environment and sustainability are keywords in the company’s development projects.

Billund Aquaculture has departments in Chile, Norway, Australia, and USA.

What to expect on your visit

”The students will get and introduction to the company and a tour of the production and the office. Here they can meet employees with similar backgrounds as themselves and there will be a round of questions and answers with our young employees with relevant educational backgrounds. If we have any vacancies, we will present them during the visit.”