Experts in punching advanced elements

Stansomatic is a punching factory of 4000 m2 and produces approx. 200 million punching elements a year in fully automatic punching machines. Their products are often an invisible part of a product but play a vital role within these. For more than 50 years they have delivered punching elements to customers within medico, electronics, automobile, and the energy sectors in more than 14 countries – components that all require high precision, low tolerance, documentation, and traceability.

What to expect on your visit

“Stansomatic invites you behind the scenes where you will get an insight into the possibilities and advantages of punching. You can experience a large and modern machine park and gain insight into how we manufacture tools and prototypes for some of the largest companies in Denmark and abroad. You can also expect to have a look at our development and production, where we use automation of punching machines, packaging, and vision systems to produce high-quality metal elements.”